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Петьо Тонев Dear Visitors,

I welcome you to my professional pages.

My name is Petio Tonev. I am Bulgarian and live in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria.

I am diplomaed specialist in computer science and I am on the Bulgarian software and consulting market for over twelve years. I have realized many local and several international projects for Greece, Germany and USA. You can receive more information about me from my about page.

Yours sincerely,
Petio Tonev   

14 May 2010
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10 February 2010
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02 September 2009
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07 April 2009
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ANNOUNCE: My Books (facebook.com application)
"My Books" is application for facebook.com that allows users to share which books to read now and what is read. Application is linked to the online bookstore bulgaria-books.com and has a huge catalog of titles that are available in Bulgaria.    Tell me more

RECOMMENDATION: Dimitar Kakalov WorldStoneFair.com Manager

Petio developed the site www.WorldStoneFair.com which I am currently managing.
It is a dynamic web page following complicated logic. I was impressed that Petio is not just very good developer but also (even more important) a person that may provide with appropriate solutions. During the development we passed through critical stages but I was confident that Petio will find the way within such complicated network of functionalities. Moreover, he even suggested lots of new functionalities that I haven't thought about and that eventually found place in the whole logic of this page.
I would like to highly recommend Petio to anybody who needs IT professional or consultant at his team or for freelance projects.

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