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Services Overview

I provide custom programming as well as offshore software development and design services since 1991, and have implemented a large number of software development projects and gained considerable experience in custom applications development and design, web sites development and design.

I have practical experience in the following development areas:

  • Complex Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customers (B2C) web sites and MS-Window applications.
  • Content Management System with users and rights management, message boards, forums, files and categories.
  • E-Commerce Web sites with product catalogs, search, shopping carts, online credit cards acceptance and automatic billing and accounting.
I can provide you with solutions and develop custom applications. Please leave me a message through contact form if you have any questions.


  • Programming languages: Delphi, PHP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, JScript, XML, Java, C/C++
  • Database Management Systems: MySQL, Postgres, Interbase, Paradox, MS FoxPro, MS Access
  • Other: ODBC, ADO, VCL, CGI

RECOMMENDATION: Rumiana Ilieva, VAS manager at BTC Mobile (Vivatel)

I have been working with Petio since 2007. Apart from the fact that he is the best IT expert in Velti, he is one of few IT specialists who understand the marketing point of view. Petio is very positive person, who successfully manages working on several projects at a time with high quality and respecting dead lines.
While working for Velti, Petio has taken an important role in many important for BTC Mobile projects as developing application for demographic research via sms, real time reporting of value added services and customer care web site.
Thanks to Petio’s work, BTC Mobile was able to launch projects for less than a week from the idea to the realization.
Petio is organized, well working under stress and short dead lines, open minded and experience professional that I would recommend to everybody.

Seeking a software developer position (H1-B included) in a high tech company in the USA or West Europe for a long term commitment.

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