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Image Scroller from:

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Image Scroller

imgScroller is a nice, small and free image scrolling Java Applet. It runs on all browsers with Java 1.3 support.


  • Very smooth image scrolling.
  • Support on user hands navigation (left mouse click and drag image).
  • Support on GIF, JPEG or PNG image format.
  • Customize on scrolling delay in milliseconds.
  • Customize on start horizontal and vertical position in pixel.
  • Customize on scrolling horizontal and vertical step in pixel.
  • Customize on background and border color.
  • Turn on/off image border.
  • Turn on/off image mouse drag.
  • Turn on/off scrolling at mouse enter in applet.
  • Open assign URL in assign target.
  • Multi map of links (URL).
  • Open images as per multi map.

What's new in version

  • Added possibility to have/show hits text on multi map links.

HTML Source:

<applet codebase="./java/" code="imgScroller.class" width="200" height="250">
   <param name="img" value="../images/image.jpg">
   <param name="bgcolor" value="#FFFFFF">
   <param name="bordercolor" value="#000000">
   <param name="border" value="true">
   <param name="delay" value="25">
   <param name="startx" value="30">
   <param name="starty" value="30">
   <param name="stepx" value="1">
   <param name="stepy" value="10">
   <param name="scrollingstop" value="false">
   <param name="imagedrag" value="false">
   <param name="url" value="http://www.ptonev.com">
   <param name="target" value="_self">
   <param name="linkcount" value="2">
   <param name="url1" value="http://www.ptonev.com/index.php?lang=bg">
   <param name="img1" value="../images/image1.jpg">
   <param name="rect1" value="0,0,320,200">
   <param name="target1" value="_self">
   <param name="text1" value="Hit text on link 1">
   <param name="url2" value="http://www.ptonev.com/index.php?lang=en">
   <param name="img2" value="../images/image2.jpg">
   <param name="rect2" value="0,270,320,470">
   <param name="target2" value="_self">
   <param name="text2" value="Hit text on link 2">

Applet Parametres:

Name Type Default Description
img string image.jpg URL of the image to be displayed
bgcolor string #FFFFFF background color
bordercolor string #000000 border color
border string false border (true..false, yes..no, 1..0)
delay integer 50 delay in milliseconds between two scrolling step
startx integer 0 horizontal start position in pixel
starty integer 0 vertical start position in pixel
stepx integer 1 horizontal shift in pixel for each scrolling step
stepy integer 1 vertical shift in pixel for each scrolling step
imagedrag string true image mouse drag (true..false, yes..no, 1..0)
scrollingstop string true image scrolling stop at mouse enter in applet (true..false, yes..no, 1..0)
url string   URL address
target string _self Target when to open URL
linkcount integer 0 Count of map links
url{n} string   {n} URL address in map links
img{n} string   {n} URL of the image to be displayed as per map links
rect{n} string   {n} Rectangle coordination (format: X1,Y1,X2,Y2) in map links []
target{n} string _self {n} Target when to open URL in map links
text{n} string   {n} Hit text on map links

Download 'Image Scroller' from:


Please send your bugs report and suggestions through contact form or in him forum.

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