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Title: Kalle
Post by: Problem! on November 26, 2003, 01:54:06 pm

1. I copied the mSpeakerNotify.dll into Miranda's plugin subdirectory.
2. Miranda IM Option>Events>Sounds>Enable Sounds

No speaker sound! What could i have done wrong?

Title: Kalle
Post by: ptonev on November 26, 2003, 04:22:48 pm
This is a very strange.

Please, check if the plgin is on (Miranda IM Option>Plugins).

If it is, please, send me more info about you miranda version and other used plugins.

Title: Kalle
Post by: Kalle on November 26, 2003, 07:11:19 pm
The plugin is activated, but I don?t find an option menu...
Here is the whole version information:

Miranda IM - VersionInformation plugin by Hrk (
Miranda's homepage:
Miranda tools: http://miranda-im.orgdownload/

Report generated on: 20:08:48 of 26/11/2003 (day/month/year)

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP
Installed RAM: XXXXX
Free disk space on Miranda partition: XXXXX
Miranda IM version: 0.3.3 alpha
Build time: 07:04:27 of 19/11/2003 (day/month/year)
Nightly: Yes

Active Plugins:
changeinfo.dll, ver:
contacts.dll, ver:
contactsex.dll, ver:
historysweeper.dll, ver:
historyviewer.dll, ver:
icq.dll, ver:
import.dll, ver:
irc.dll, ver:
keepstatus.dll, ver:
keyboardnotify.dll, ver:
menuex.dll, ver:
micqbirthday.dll, ver:
mspeakernotify.dll, ver:
mtooltip.dll, ver:
multiwindow.dll, ver:
neweventnotify.dll, ver:
newstatusnotify.dll, ver:
nosound.dll, ver:
optionfont.dll, ver:
popup.dll, ver:
shlext.dll, ver:
smileyadd.dll, ver:
srmm.dll, ver:
startupstatus.dll, ver:
statuschange.dll, ver:
toptoolbar.dll, ver:
umcp.dll, ver:
versioninfo.dll, ver:
wassup.dll, ver:
xtranslate.dll, ver:

End of report.
If you are going to use this report to submit a bug, remember to check the website for questions or help the developers may need.
If you don't check your bug and give help, it will not be fixed!

Title: Kalle
Post by: ptonev on November 27, 2003, 09:55:29 am
Yes, on my home computer (miranda) I too don't lisent sound.

I will be try to find bug I will be try released new version soon.